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Interactive demos for LinearPartition (using Vienna RNAfold thermodynamic model, Lorenz et al 2011, with parameters from Mathews et al 2004)

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Example demos for 16S rRNA/23S rRNA/Group I Intron are available, compared with CONTRAfold v2.0 and Vienna RNAfold algorithms.

Please cite the following paper: *Liang Huang, **He Zhang, **Dezhong Deng, Kai Zhao, Kaibo Liu, David Hendrix, and David H. Mathews (2019). LinearFold: Linear-Time Approximate RNA Folding by 5'-to-3' Dynamic Programming and Beam Search. Bioinformatics, Volume 35, Issue 14, July 2019, Pages i295-i304. ISMB 2019

*Corresponding Author, **Equal Contribution

Code: GitHub (implemented by Kai Zhao, Dezhong Deng, He Zhang, and Liang Huang)
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